• Tatiana Popa

Online course from English Teaching Resource Centre

As teachers are lifelong learners, the English Teaching Resource Centre in Chisinau started recently an online course for English teachers from all regions of Moldova, entitled “Reaching out English teachers in the regions of Moldova”. It is a very interesting learning event, as it tackles the most up-to-date topics in teaching – the use of media and web tools in the classroom.

Every week the teachers have assignments to submit, readings to do, and also Google Hangouts to take part in. A pleasure! Besides the fact that we have amazing instructors, we can interact and work collaboratively together, doing tasks online, writing on forums, creating beautiful things and sharing opinions. The topics discussed are teacher-student social media interaction, psychological effects of using social media in the classroom, lesson plans and online resources for creating them, assessment and online testing. We learn to use a myriad of web 2.0 tools and get confidence in doing that.

To conclude, I would like to say that we – the teachers attending the course – should be thankful to the organizers for the possibilities they give us to take care of our continuous professional development in the fast-changing world. A wonderful start for new dimensions of learning and teaching! Blogging included! 🙂

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