• Tatiana Popa

“Explore English Language and Culture” online course on FutureLearn

Recently- more exactly on February 2nd – I have joined a new course for those wanting to learn about the English language and culture on FutureLearn (www.futurelearn.com) – offered by the British Council. The course’s title is “Explore the English language and culture”- a wonderful course, uniting together more than 10000 people.

Every week we explore a certain topic, beginning from English being an international language, British music and following with the countryside on the British Isles, as well as the next to come. Naturally, we tackle grammar topics also: passives, relative pronouns and the lot. We watch videos, do quizzes, post on the forums and enjoy the  time spent on the platform.

I recommend this course, as well as many others on FutureLearn to all those who want to enrich their vocabulary and become more fluent in using English as a means of communication. The time dedicated is worth it!

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