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European Day of Languages

Every year, September 26th is the day all schools across Europe celebrate the European Day of Languages. Traditionally, students and teachers tend to speak as many languages as they can, organize various interesting events in order to show how lucky we all are to be part of this vast family, called “Europe”. Thus, in the school I teach –  we had the 5th edition of this “European Day of Languages” yesterday- it was a huge event on national level, with guests from many regions of Moldova, both teachers and students. It was a big concert for the guests, as well as for staff and students from our school. When the concert was over, the guests were invited to several workshops organized by the Foreign Languages Department: one in English and several in French. I was one of the three moderators in the English workshop we had.

The topic chosen for the workshop this year was “English as an international language”. As it tackles all aspects of life, our students chose which field they desired to prove that English had/still has an influence to. Respectively, our students spoke about English in:

  1. education

  2. science

  3. medicine

  4. IT

  5. books

  6. movie industry

  7. news world

  8. business

  9. travelling

  10. food.

Our students brought amazing pieces of information in front of the audience gathered, showing wonderful presentations, interesting videos created by them, promoting eTwinning as a collaboration platform for schools in Europe and being just proud of speaking this global language and being citizens of the World.

Apart from the guests from Moldova, we also had virtual guests from Great Britain – the principal and several students from the Wyedean High School in Bristol. We had a video conference via Skype, our students having the possibility to talk to native speakers of English,to ask and answer questions, to hear a wonderful British accent and simply enjoy the experience.

All in all, both teachers and students had a memorable experience on the European Day of Languages. All loved speaking English and saw the real necessity of learning this language spoken worldwide – “the lingua franca of the modern era”.

“He – who doesn’t know foreign languages – knows nothing about his own.” (Wolfgang von Goethe)

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